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Grant to improve psych program

The department of psychology at the University of La Verne received a $100,000 grant to complete their work with the California Department of Mental Health.

Faculty celebrates Prieto-Bayard’s life

People gathered in the President’s Dining Room Tuesday to remember and celebrate Mary Prieto-Bayard, co-founder of the Coalition of Diversity, who died a year ago.

New mental health curriculum put to test

In August mental health professionals received training of a new curriculum which will help mental health professionals treat people in multicultural communities. The new curriculum is based on research developed by psychological professionals.

Committee to select Hoover tenant

Discussion continues among members of the University of La Verne Space Committee as the group strives to reach a consensus over which department will move into the Hoover Building once the College of Law relocates to Ontario.

ULV professors’ efforts recognized

Dedicating one's self to a job and a career deserves credit and recognition. At colleges and universities, dedicated faculty who take their job seriously have been recognized and are being awarded.

Morrow continues to rise at ULV

When walking into Gloria Morrow's office in the Behavioral Science Department, a black piece of art is framed on the wall, entitled: "And Still I Rise," a poem by Maya Angelou. In that picture, she describes how the forefathers who were slaves started at the bottom and made it possible for other African-Americans to rise through education and entrepreneurship. It is a cycle where African-Americans that have already risen, reach back to help other African-Americans rise.

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