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Dare to be a Dreamer: Gonzalo Rodriguez’s story

VICE’s short documentary is a window into Rodriguez’s life story. He was born in Mexico and immigrated to California at age 6 with his mom and two sisters. He grew up in Visalia, about 45 minutes from Fresno in the Central Valley. 

Christmas comes sooner and sooner

Through an informal survey asking University of La Verne students whether they think Christmas is celebrated too early, 18 out of 20 said they would like to have more of a nip in the air before ringing in the season. 

Pincus uses color to trick perception

The American Museum of Ceramic Art, or AMOCA, provides guests an array of abstract sculptures, intricate tapestries and ceramic art as they step through a steel vault doorway into the world of artist Peter Pincus’s “Chroma.” 

Students practice self care

While it is easy to get caught up in personal responsibilities, including school and work, students agree that taking time for self care is also important.

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