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Money spent on recall could have been better used

Now that Gavin Newsom has taken back the reins from what could have been the end of his career as governor of California, residuals from the process have become more apparent as the expenditures of the recall election become more clear.

Newsom could be ousted by recall effort

California Governor Gavin Newsom will face a recall election on Sept. 14 – following seven petitions to recall him since February 2020.

Here’s how to vote in the recall election

The recall election for Gov. Gavin Newsom has become a critical election for the citizens of California as it will determine the future of the state in multiple ways. 

Voters elect total recall for Davis: Action star terminates governor

After six-weeks of blowout campaigning and record spending, California's historic gubernatorial recall effort culminated Tuesday as voters turned out en force to recall recently elected Gov. Gray Davis and replace him with action-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Voters elect total recall for Davis: What we’re saying

Students discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger and the governor's recall election.

Electorate ignored harassment

Arnold Schwarzenegger, now California's governor-elect, said a lot during his campaign without actually giving much information or any specific plans other than to say "Hasta la vista" to the car tax.

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