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Graffiti shop splatters creativity despite legalities

What was once meant to become an ice cream parlor has been transformed into Overspray, an art supply shop and gallery showcasing graffiti-inspired artwork since April 2022. 

Graffiti serves as form of activism

Students, faculty, artists and dancers gathered at the event Empowerment through Art and Graffiti to paint their own graffiti and listen to speakers share their stories about the importance of art and expression last week in Sneaky Park.

Graffiti empowers social activism

An event two years in the making came alive April 27 as artists from the community gathered to take part in what is hopefully the first of many Empower­ment Through Art and Graffiti Community Events.

On the Calendar

Campus and community events for the week of April 20, 2012.

Movie Review: Documentary follows Banksy and graffiti artists

Legendary graffiti artist Banksy has captured a secretive and humorous inside look about the underground world of street art and its artists in his film "Exit Through the Gift Shop."

Graffiti program serves La Verne

At 6 a.m. on a recent Monday – several hours before most University of La Verne students have awoken – Rudy Gama of the city’s department of public works is getting ready to make sure this pristine city stays that way.

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