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Living with Islamophobia

At first glance, people would not assume I am Middle Eastern, specifically Palestinian. I always thought my large nose easily gives it away, but my name is the first indicator that I am a Muslim. 

Commentary: What we can learn from Poway

In the Diaspora, we observe an eighth day of Passover, during which we celebrate the conclusion of a holiday that honors the Exodus and we say Yizkor, a memorial prayer for the deceased recited four times a year.

We need to allocate aid to our own

The Notre-Dame Cathedral located in Paris must undergo major renovations after a massive, devastating fire broke out on April 15. 

Letter to the Editor

At 8 in the morning on Feb. 28, 2019, a student was sent hate messages threatening their life and the lives of several students on campus. The messages sent decried student activists and warned student organizers to “stay away from our president.”

Former cop to head campus safety

Ruben Ibarra, a retired Santa Ana police commander, was named the new campus safety director at the University.

Alarming rise in hate crimes

Hate crimes in the United States have historically been a pressing issue that is an unfortunate part to our country. The hate crime rate has exponentially increased within the last three years.

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