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Installation art shows history of ‘Blackbirding’

Chuck Fe’essago, instructor of art, talked about the process of installation art and a recent installation called “Blackbirding,” which was on display at Cerritos College in 2020, on Tuesday at the weekly faculty lecture in the Executive Dining Room.

Photo exhibit reveals dark history

The photography department held a walk-through at the Irene Carlson Gallery, to show guests the current photo exhibit “If you can read the ocean you will never be lost” by Associate Professor of Photography Shannon Benine.

Poking Poke: Changing minds and changing taste buds

I have an admission: I am of Native Hawaiian descent and I have never tried poke. 

Film recognizes Hawaiians

The Pomona College Asian American Resources Center presented a screening of “Out of State,” a documentary directed and produced by Ciara Lacy.

Club creates ‘Ohana’ for students

With more than 30 members and five executive board members, Kanaka Hui Ohana is open to all who share an interest in Hawaii and its culture, enjoy eating and like to have a good time.

Common interests solve conflicts

Loren Dyck, assistant professor of management, lectured about the transformative cooperation at the Honokahua Burial Site as part of the faculty lecture series Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

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