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New state laws protect women’s reproductive rights

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed two bills into law – both aimed to protect women’s reproductive health and rights – in a virtual ceremony Sept. 22.

Young adults are marrying to afford health insurance

Margeret Gough, associate professor of sociology, explained the link between health insurance and cohabitation and marriage on to an audience of 19 people on Tuesday at her lecture titled “Longitudinal Models of Source of Health Insurance on Young Adults Cohabitation and Marriage” held via WebEx.

College of Health plans to move forward despite budget shortfalls

The University of La Verne has entered phase one of a three-phase plan for the opening of a new College of Health that is set to officially open in fall of 2024.

Facing the coronavirus

While the thought of catching the coronavirus is something that many dread, this growing pandemic also highlights a troubling lack of adequate health care in the United States.

Health care, family choices studied

Margaret Gough, assistant professor of sociology, presented her study on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on family formation at noon Tuesday in the Executive Dining Room.

America needs health care reform

The United States health care system is far behind other developed countries and our political system is keeping it stifled.

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