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Letters to the Editor

The graduation season will soon be upon us, and as has traditionally been the case, many of the editors of the Campus Times will be writing their final column, a sort of journalistic version of The Beatles’ “ In My Life.”

Letters to the Editor

In your March 27, 1998, edition of the Campus Times, Angelica Martinez wrote an article entitled "Variety Show Reveals Hidden Talents." I was surprised to find out that the Black National Anthem had been changed from "Lift Every Voice" to "We Shall Overcome."

Greeks work together toward common goal

Joining together for a common goal, ULV greeks have combined their forces to serve the community with the organizations’ first Charity Greek Week.

Organization made to replace IOC

ASF’s decision to abort the Inter-Organization Commission (IOC) for the 1994-95 school year resulted in the creation of the Club Allocation Board Committee (CAB).

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