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Muslim club spreads awareness of Islam faith

The Muslim Student Association hosted an Islam Awareness Week that spread the religion of Islam through informative events each day last week.

Islam Awareness Week honors hijabs

Nala Kachour, president of the Muslim Students’ Association, pins a hijab on Pomona Salcido, senior mathematics major, Monday in the Citrus Courtyard.

Students try on hijabs

The Muslim Student Association put on an event where students got the chance to try on a hijab, wear it for the day and keep it.

Muslim woman challenges stereotypes

In a time when of heightened discrimination against Muslims in America, Muslim-American journalist Noor Tagouri is the first woman wearing a hijab on the cover of Playboy magazine – a bold, progressive move both by the magazine and Tagouri.

Muslim model breaks norm

Muslims are the second largest religious group in the world, so it only seems smart for companies to market to them, but that is certainly not the case, as 23-year-old London-based actress Mariah Idrissi is currently the talk of the fashion industry for being the first Muslim headscarf-wearing model for H&M.

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