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Cupid, business form conspiracy

This just in: St. Valentine's Day is a conspiracy. From the dozens of roses to the boxes of chocolate candy, the 14th day in February is the poorest excuse for a holiday this side of Christmas.

Letter to the Editor

I truly enjoyed reading your editorial in the Campus Times ("Shopping frenzy diminishes true spirit," Dec. 4). I have to say that I do agree with many things that you brought up in your article.

Students play ‘Santa’s helpers,’ contribute to spirit

Decorations for the holidays are already covering stores and streets, and the ULV campus is not an exception.

Shopping frenzy diminishes true spirit

Every year, before the country has even celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems that malls and retail stores across the nation are preparing for the Christmas season.

Spirit of the season—mall shopping

As another long-awaited holiday season nears, people are readily preparing for the gathering of family, the singing of carols, decorating the tree with garland, lights and popcorn and, of course, storming the nearest malls, department stores and shopping centers searching for the merchandise tags that declare items as “the perfect stocking stuffer” or “a great gift idea.”

Toy drive serves community, campus

With hopes of serving the community while promoting themselves as a force on campus, the Athletic Council’s service committee will sponsor a toy drive, Nov. 27- Dec. 8.

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