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Prop. 2 will help curb homelessness

On Nov. 6, California voters have a chance to deal a blow to the state’s homeless problem with Proposition 2.

Pomona looks to new shelter to tackle homelessness issue

The number of unsheltered homeless people in Pomona has decreased almost 38 percent since the 2015 count conducted by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, an agency that addresses homelessness in Los Angeles County.

Enactus tackles youth homelessness

The University of La Verne’s Enactus team gave students, faculty, and their family members a preview of their team presentation Wednesday in Morgan Auditorium before they compete in the Enactus National Exposition in Kansas City, Missouri.

L.A. finally cares for homeless

Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, plans to improve the homeless crisis plaguing the city by proposing that $20 million be divided up by 15 council districts and build 1,000 bed shelters in the next fiscal budget.

OC homeless need solutions

Orange County’s 2017 Point-In-Time count showed 57 percent growth in the homeless population since 2013. The number of homeless, or “unsheltered” people has greatly risen in recent years, and although the problem has been obvious, there is still no long-term solution for the issue in sight. Point-In-Time is a calculation of people who are without permanent residence on a particular night, which is usually assessed near the end of January each year. Currently, the coastal county is fighting to remove those encamped along the Santa Ana River and find proper housing for them in cities such as Laguna Niguel, Huntington Beach and Irvine.

Empowering women with period parties

Roxanna Pena of Upland, Alexia Madigan of Temple City and Ehmandah Ramsey of San Dimas put together bags of feminine products March 17 at the She Stories headquarters in Claremont.

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