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Campus news for the week of Dec. 10, 1999.

ULV reiterates harassment policies

Often times, students at the University of La Verne feel they live in a bubble that allows them to look out on the world and its happenings with a watchful eye. In doing so, these students might think, "That stuff does not happen at La Verne."

New agreement moves students to San Dimas

Ongoing rumors were dispelled and made into fact when Office of Housing and Residential Life Director Julie Thurman Francisco confirmed that the Red Roof Inn would be the second semester housing site for University of La Verne residents currently at The Claremont Inn.

Letters to the Editor

After discussions with Steve Morgan and consulting with legal counsel, the letter to the editor from Simon Bouie was "marginally libel." I believe the printing of the letter was not in order of the Campus Times Code of Ethics.

Students matter more than tuition

It is no surprise to anyone just how overpopulated the campus has become in the past two years.

Letters to the Editor

Is the University of La Verne a high school or a university? The Campus Times has set a standard of reporting unsubstantiated rumor rather than concrete fact. Because the Campus Times has irresponsibly reported on Homecoming '99 students at La Verne have become outraged without actually knowing what is really going on.

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