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Alcohol present despite ULV policies

Despite the fact that the University of La Verne is a dry campus, alcohol use has continually been a problem, especially in the residence halls.

New selection process implemented for R.A.s

Selection of the 18 resident assistants for the 1995-96 school year has begun. The Resident Assistant (R.A.) Selection Committee will issue initial notifications for new R.A.s in late March.

Officials investigate vandalism, battery

Vandalism and other crimes have been on the rise this semester at the University of La Verne. Much of it is being blamed on alcohol use by students and lack of pride.

Reaching for wrong pocketbook

Usually when you go to the store and break something, you are responsible for paying for the item you broke. When you pay money to rent an apartment or condo and see that vandalism has been plastered throughout the place which you call home, you expect to see that the vandalism is taken care of and that its damages are paid for by your landlord or owner. After all, that’s what the rent is for, especially when your rental contract clearly states that owners will be responsible for any items or property which is broken or damaged.

Maintenance completes most of summer projects

Over the summer, the University of La Verne Maintenance Department completed 19 of 25 scheduled summer projects for 1994.

Supporting new privileges

The University describes its new residential hall visita­tion policy as follows: Residents "may entertain guests in your room 24 hours a day. All roommates must approve of guest visitation hours."

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