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Proposed law would expand free lunch, eliminate red tape

A proposed state law would require all California K-12 schools to provide students with free lunches, no paperwork required. 

Leo Pantry fights food insecurity

Food insecurity is surprisingly high among college students. About 36% of university students in the United States are food insecure, according to a study conducted by Temple University and Wisconsin HOPE Lab. 

1 in 3 ULV students is food insecure

One in three students at the University of La Verne is not certain where their next meal will come from, according to a survey conducted by five students in the University’s honors program.

Pantry fights food insecurity

For three days before Thanksgiving, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life distributed boxes of food for students in need at the Interfaith Chapel.

Starbucks steps up to fight hunger

Starbucks has announced it will donate all its leftover food to charity in an effort to provide meals for those who struggle with hunger and food insecurity. The announcement was made on the coffee chain’s website last Tuesday and we’d like to praise Starbucks for this positive decision.

Hunger challenge mocks poverty

Buzzfeed writer Matthew Guiver recently took on a hunger challenge, in which he lived off food stamps for five days and wrote about his experiences. He is just the latest in a long line of journalists, politicians and celebrities who have done the same to raise awareness about poverty and hunger in the United States.

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