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Olson examines leadership, culture

Leadership may take the form of many shapes and sizes, however, Deborah Olsen, professor of management and leadership, believes that regardless of position, title or background, an effective leader is one who takes action to initiate change. 

We need to allocate aid to our own

The Notre-Dame Cathedral located in Paris must undergo major renovations after a massive, devastating fire broke out on April 15. 

Whitefish Energy deal is corrupt

After the initial disaster following Hurricane Maria two months ago, about 58 percent of the island’s electricity is back up as Whitefish Energy Holdings resumed work to repair portions of Puerto Rico’s electrical grid after suspending work while waiting for overdue payments.

U.S. is neglecting Puerto Rico

In the wake of the category four hurricane that devastated the American territory of Puerto Rico, the mainland aid and relief response has been not only delayed, but also disastrous in tone. While the island struggles to barely get by every day with serious water, food, gas and supply shortages and with electricity predicted to be fully restored only within six months from now, the apathy with which the American government has treated this humanitarian crisis is reason for extreme shame.

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