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Ice cream makers brew interesting flavor combos

Often found at the Terra Vista Farmers Market in Rancho Cucamonga and markets across Southern California, Scoops on Tap, an unusual ice cream-making business, has made a name for itself with its handcrafted and original and ice cream flavors.

Danish ice cream comes to Claremont

Paradis Ice Cream Café in the Claremont Village opened Dec. 4, putting a Danish spin on the classic ice cream shop.

Retro couple serves classic tastes

After wading through hordes of traffic on a busy freeway, you decide to quench your thirst. A red arrow-shaped sign catches your eye: Funnel Cakes, it reads. You enter the eatery, and a friendly woman wearing cat-eyed glasses asks whether you’d like to try a New York Egg cream or a pink cow.

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