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Intramural sports a popular way to stay active

The increasing popularity of intramural sports programs at universities and colleges helps target an important issue of lack of daily physical fitness. In addition, it also fosters education, health and socialization in a safe and fun environment.

Intramurals serve up fun

The University of La Verne’s intramural volleyball tournament has inspired nine co-ed student teams to set their sights on serving up friendly competition and ace their way to the finals.

Serving up scholarships

Sophomore English major Zac Robertson tips the ball to his opponents, scoring the point Monday at the intramural volleyball game.

Intramurals end with a nail-biter

The Monstarz defeated Phi Delta Theta in the Campus Activities Board’s intramural volleyball tournament finals Wednesday night at the Frantz Athletic Court.

Intramurals are big hit for La Verne students

Half a dozen volleyballs flew across the gym as eight teams warmed up for the Campus Activities Board’s intramural volleyball tournament.

On the Calendar

Campus events for the week of Oct. 24, 2008.

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