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Letters to the Editor

Being one of the members who spearheaded bringing Phi Delta Theta to ULV, I must opine about their current situation.

President Bush should instigate peace

For years the Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for ownership of the Holy Land. And for years I have sat by apathetically, not really affected by their problems. I was basically disconnected from it all.

Letters to the Editor

There is no question that the events that transpired on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, were a tremendous tragedy. I grieve for the victims and their families and hope that they may find some measure of comfort in the tremendous outpouring of sympathy the world has shown.

In the News

Campus and community news for the week of Sept. 29, 2000.

Students to visit Israel

Four University of La Verne students and Dr. Milton Moreland, assistant professor of religion, will be a part of a group of 40 students, including some from Duke University and the University of Wake Forest, for an archaeological dig in Israel this summer.

Ido Aharoni shares peace

According to Ido Aharoni, consul for Communications and Public Affairs for the Consulate General of Israel, living in the United States of America, citizens are blessed compared to other countries, not having to wake up in the morning wondering who might invade California tomorrow.

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