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‘Corrie’ presents a voice for peace

The audience of about 50 on Saturday night in Morgan Auditorium learned the inspirational goals and heavy impact Rachel Corrie had during her 23 years alive.

Letters to the Editor

Regarding "Redefining the meaning of average" by your editor in chief [May 3].

Speaker Zaru wishes for peace in Mideast

Jean Zaru, a devoted peacemaker and advocate of the non-violent struggle by many Palestinians to end the occupation of their country by Israel, addressed a crowd of about 100 students, faculty and staff last week in Founder's Auditorium as part of the university's annual International Festival.

Letters to the Editor

Being one of the members who spearheaded bringing Phi Delta Theta to ULV, I must opine about their current situation.

President Bush should instigate peace

For years the Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for ownership of the Holy Land. And for years I have sat by apathetically, not really affected by their problems. I was basically disconnected from it all.

U.S. should be more attentive

I sat in my room one day last semester, perched high above the streets of Athens, Greece, and watched a nightly news segment on the CNN World News report. As I watched the news of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unravel in front of my eyes, I realized how uninformed I was on foreign affairs.

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