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Carlson photo exhibit opens

The beautiful buildings of Italy are no longer a plane flight away.

ULV students not concerned about Olympics

The 20th Winter Olympic Games ended Sunday after 16 days of competition in the Italian city of Torino. The most popular sports in the Olympics were alpine skiing, ice hockey, speed skating, snowboarding and figure skating.

Two weeks create a lifetime of memories

Smooth chocolate gelato kisses my lips while the night’s chilled wind whips through my hair. My stroll bounces carefree down the cobblestone streets narrowly lined with tall palaces turned apartments. The sweet singing sounds of a street performer’s violin whistles in my ears making the evening dream-like.

Leos go around the world in 30 days

University of La Verne students traveled to Costa Rica, Italy and South Africa during the January interterm and in doing so were able to satisfy certain course requirements by taking these trips.

Photos show real Tuscany

On Nov. 10, the Irene Carlson Gallery of Photography held a reception celebrating the photography exhibit “Miele Luce di Toscana” by John Richardson.

January trips mix leisure with studies

Most students tend to view the January interterm offered by the University of La Verne as one of two things: one, an opportunity for a one month vacation to add on to the end of winter recess, or two, a compressed semester to get general eds and other annoying little courses out of the way.

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