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Students to bask in Japanese culture

The University of La Verne will offer a  January class  called Japan Study Tour, led by the department of art and art history. Students who participate will get the opportunity to travel to the cities of Kyoto and Tokyo.

Hiroshima exhibit explores the reality of the bombing

Four artists from Hiroshima are exploring the cultural, political, and social impacts of the United States’ bombings of Hirsohima and Nagaski during World War II in the exhibition “Each Day Begins with the Sun Rising” through installations, drawings, paintings and video in the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College.

Cherry Blossom festival honors Japanese tradition

The International Student Organization kicked off cherry blossom season with a cherry blossom festival social Wednesday in the Abraham Campus Center.


Campus and community arts events for the week of Feb. 18, 2022.

Spring festival celebrates Japanese culture

Families from neighboring cities came together for Monterey Park’s 20th Cherry Blossom Festival April 8 at Barnes Park.

Makeup ad further stigmatizes women

The issue of women applying makeup on the go has never been a universal grievance but more like a pet peeve for those who believe it’s a matter of hygiene. However, Tokyu Corp. explicitly points to the problem in its ad, and it’s not about hygiene.

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