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Leos celebrate culture with ‘Luck’

“Luck of the Leos,” a celebration of Irish culture hosted by the Campus Activities Board, drew nearly 150 students to check out live entertainment and dancing Wednesday at Sneaky Park.

Get Active puts students to work

Students hula hooped, threw Frisbees and played tug of war at the lawn Wednesday outside the Campus Center in the South Quard for the Get Active event.

Serra, Bobbitt reign supreme at Homecoming

The Homecoming court stood in front of five dance team members, who sat in cardboard cut-out televisions. The two static-free televisions that were working revealed Jose Serra as Homecoming king and Evelyn Bobbitt as queen.

Students voice feelings on domestic violence

Students gathered to write words of encouragement on a graffiti wall Friday on the South Quad as part of the “La Verne Against Domestic Violence” event hosted by the Campus Activities Board.

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