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RA educates students on U.S. mental health

Residents from Vista La Verne housing were invited to join Tyler Agajanian and Jason Souriolle where they presented “Can you relate?” an event that talked about the awareness of mental illnesses in the U.S on Wednesday night in the Vista Lounge.

Recent grad inspired by solo travel

Not all students jump right into the workforce after graduation. Joshua Cruz, who earned his bachelor of science in business at the University of La Verne in January made sure to fulfill his dream Joshua Cruz earned his bachelor of science in business in January. Following graduation, he took a solo back packing trip to Thailand. One of the only setbacks Cruz faced was losing his Nikes at a hostel. To replace them Cruz bought $4 knock-off-Adidas. / photo by Corney Mace of traveling abroad. “I cannot just sit behind the desk and do all the paperwork. ... for the rest of my life,” said the 22-year-old from West Covina. Cruz saved nearly $3,000 while working as a server at Red Robin – for a trip to Thailand.

Students march against hate speech

Contagious messages of love and positivity spread across Sneaky Park in the form of colorful signs and uplifting music, as honors students held “Dissipate the Hate,” a senior project event 11 a.m. Monday to educate the University community about hate speech.

Trans immigrants face persecution

Nadine Nakamura, assistant professor of psychology, initiated a discussion about two controversial topics to reveal the lesser known struggle of transgender immigrants.

‘Copenhagen’ examines inner dilemmas

The question as to why the renowned theoretical physicist Werner Heisen­berg traveled from Berlin, Germany, to Copenhagen, Denmark, to meet his former mentor, physicist Niels Bohr, in 1941 has been an ongoing discussion among scholars for decades, and it is also the subject matter of the University of La Verne production of Michael Frayn’s Tony Award winning play “Copenhagen” at Dailey Theatre.

Wecksell’s one-man show connects audience

Laughter and occasional awkward silence filled the Morgan Auditorium Nov. 20 as CAB presented a comedy concert night with a one-man show of Evan Wecksell.

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