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Gift to put La Verne in lights

Imagine driving down Arrow Highway in a new car, complete with a University of La Verne Alumni license plate frame, sometime after graduation, when an illuminated sign brightens the street. It reads, "University of La Verne: Home of the Leopards."

Christmas concert graces community

The Music Department is putting on the first Christmas concert ever at the University of La Verne, titled "A Christmas Concert."

SAA fosters student, alumni bond

Building the bridge between students and alumni was one of the main purposes when the Student Alumni Association (SAA) was founded by former Director of Alumni Relations Kim Rutledge in 1993.

Thefts continue to plague University

With no sign of forced entry in either department, thousands of dollars worth of computer and office equipment was stolen from the University of La Verne Music and Education departments on March 2.

Common objects framed as art

The musician, the ice and 21 other objects, people and scenes that will be scattered around campus from Dec. 11-15 are part of the “Art Frames Life” exhibit, the final project in “Intro­duction to Contemporary Art,” a University of La Verne class being taught by Bob Kitzmiller, associate director of education for the Los Angeles Museum of Contem­por­ary Art.

RAs play variety of roles in jobs

Long hours, hard work and dedication are some of the qualifications it takes to become a Resident Assistant (RA) in the school’s residence halls. The RAs at the University have been through hours of training in order to be qualified for the positions.

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