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Ikari volunteers time to activities

You think you're busy? Try being senior Nancy Ikari for a day.

Departments award deserving students

Situated in Founders Auditorium, the Academic Awards ceremony honored selected students from various departments for their academic excellence Tuesday night.

Seniors reminisce over past 4 years

The graduating class of 1998 spent this past weekend "Looking Back, Looking Forward."

Pashone leans on life of involvement

Time management has become Jennifer Pashone's best friend throughout her college career.

Date rape victim urges awareness

Date-rape survivor Katie Koestner will be at the University of La Verne Monday, March 16, to speak about the prevention of rape and sexual assault on college campuses.

Senior luncheon kicks off commencement

Over 128 students, parents, faculty and staff members gathered at the home of President Stephen and Ann Morgan for the Senior Luncheon entitled, "1993: Planting Your Roots; 1997: Spreading Your Wings."

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