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California law moves up primary election date

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Sept. 27 that will move the primary elections from June to March in an attempt to claim more attention from presidential candidates.

California resists anti-immigrant efforts

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday signed into law the “California Values Act,” designating the state a Sanctuary State.

State could add third gender ID

California could soon become the first state to add a third option for gender identification – non-binary – on legal, state documents such as drivers’ licenses.

There should be no time limit on justice

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Sept. 28 that will remove the statute of limitations on sex crime cases, an act that will help people find justice for heinous crimes committed against them, even if the crimes.

Law will save dogs from suffering

A hot day in California is usually uncomfortable and greeted with plenty of complaints and minimal clothing. Imagine not being able to sport a pair of shorts or a loose tank top and instead having to wear a fur coat all day, every day, even in 100 degree weather.

Tampons are not luxury items

Products like Gucci purses or Coco Chanel perfumes are examples of luxury items – to be taxed. However, 40 states, including California, currently group tampons in the same “luxury” taxable category.

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