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Matzah, parsley and horseradish were used during the Model Seder in the President’s Dining Room on Wednesday by University of La Verne golfers Mitchell Fedorka and Matt Bernal. Matzah is eaten during Passover to remind people of the hardships the Jews suffered leaving Egypt. It also signifies the hastiness with which the Jews departed, since they had no time to prepare leavened bread. / photo by Rafael Anguiano

Seder marks Jewish exodus

Sher Porter LV Life Editor Guests were treated to a ritual with songs, food and symbolism for the Model Passover Seder on Wednesday in the President’s Dining Room. Passover commemorates the story of Moses and the Jews’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. “It’s a celebration of freedom from slavery,” said Don Pollock, professor of communications, […]

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Erin Konrad, Arts Editor

Dreidels under the Christmas tree

As a kid, the winter holidays for me were confusing and delightful at the same time. I lit the candles for eight nights on Hanukkah, and then waited for Santa to bring me presents on Christmas. I could play dreidel with the best of them, but still knew every word to “Silent Night.”

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