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State could add third gender ID

California could soon become the first state to add a third option for gender identification – non-binary – on legal, state documents such as drivers’ licenses.

Diverse research projects integrate technology

Students and faculty presented their diverse research projects for ShowCASE – Celebrating the Arts, Scholarship, and Engagement Week – Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

ULV provides services for learning disabilities

Students attending the University of La Verne who have a learning disability can get accommodations from the school to help them take notes, administer untimed tests and other learning support specific to student needs.

Sex 3 times a week could help stress

Just like aiming to drink eight glasses of water each day, there may be a magic number to aim for having sex each week

Letters to the Editor

We are encouraged by portions of President Lieberman’s and Dean Potter’s responses to our statement on corporatization and shared governance appearing in an April 29 story on a report by the AAUP.

University plans for gender-neutral bathroom stalls

The University of La Verne is preparing to install more than 20 gender-neutral bathrooms on campus to provide the transgender community with restrooms they feel comfortable using.

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