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Hybrid cars save more than cash

Hybrid cars may save their owners money at the gas pump, but some models can still be a money-losing proposition, according to a recent study conducted by Consumer Reports. However, as far as hybrid owners at the University of La Verne are concerned, there is a lot more to these cars than just saving or losing money.

Grade inflation a concern among ULV faculty

In a survey on the issue of grade inflation conducted among professors at the University of La Verne this semester, roughly half of those responding indicated they believe that grading standards here have been gradually dipping, and that could be a reason for what looks like improved overall student performance.

University welcomes new tech guru

The University has added a technology sleuth to its faculty, to provide faculty and students with instructional information that promotes academic success.

Bartelt challenges ethnocentricity

Born in West Africa and raised in multicultural environments, John Bartelt, associate professor of education at University of La Verne, calls himself a "world citizen."

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