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‘Copenhagen’ examines inner dilemmas

The question as to why the renowned theoretical physicist Werner Heisen­berg traveled from Berlin, Germany, to Copenhagen, Denmark, to meet his former mentor, physicist Niels Bohr, in 1941 has been an ongoing discussion among scholars for decades, and it is also the subject matter of the University of La Verne production of Michael Frayn’s Tony Award winning play “Copenhagen” at Dailey Theatre.

Improv night gets a spooky Halloween twist

The theater department’s Cabaret LIVE! created “A Night of Horror” at the Improv Insanity event Wednesday in the Jane Dibbell Cabaret Theatre.

Theater department hosts a night of insanity

Students from the theater department held their second Cabaret LIVE! event Wednesday in the Jane Dibbell Cabaret Theatre.

Theater students return to Fringe Festival

University of La Verne theater students are immersing themselves in the Los Angeles theater scene by participating in the annual Hollywood Fringe Festival happening in June.

Theater Review: ‘The Dog’s Will’ exposes hypocrisy

Samba, Brazilian culture and comedy hit the stage in the theater department’s latest production, “The Dog’s Will” by Brazilian playwright Ariano Suassuna.

Promiscuity reigns in Brecht’s ‘Baal’

Murder, sex and alcohol are three issues a poet is confronted with in the German play “Baal,” written by Bertolt Brecht and translated into English by Peter Mellencamp.

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