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Sprinkler incident under investigation

Malfunctioning sprinklers in the Oaks dormitory this semester at the University of La Verne are under investigation.

Annual cleaning to take place in summer

Nine months out of the year the dorms are occupied and full of life. When summer comes they are left empty, and in many cases, damaged.

Sheraton Suites to serve as temporary dorms

Final plans are being developed for University of La Verne students to take residence in the Sheraton Suites Fairplex in the fall.

Housing increases student occupancy in dorms

The housing reservation process was revamped this year in order to simplify and quicken the usually lengthy and time-consuming procedure. Along with these changes to the reservation process, a change is also being made to the dorm rooms themselves.

Brandt resident has posters torn down

During the spring semester, some residents in Brandt Hall experienced vandalism to flyers and posters they had hung up as a result of the actions of other individuals.

Housing reforms reservation process

Due to student, university professor and parent feedback, the housing reservation process for the 2001-02 school year has been modified.

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