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University cuts energy consumption

In light of California's energy crisis, the University of La Verne has taken various measures to cut energy consumption. So far, energy prices cost California businesses and residents $10.9 billion more last summer than the year before.

Debate to host fundraiser

The Forensics Department, along with its debaters, will host a fundraising speech night titled "From This Side of the Planet" April 17-19 in Founders Hall.

Debate to compete

In an event that will magnetize some of the best debating teams in the world, the intervarsity debate tournaments, which are to be held at Oxford University and Cambridge University Nov. 10-18. It provides the University of La Verne's debate team its first international competition of the year.

Roe vs. Wade lawyer visits ULV

The 1973 Supreme Court ruling of the case Roe vs. Wade altered a major way of life when Sarah Weddington, then a 26-year-old rookie lawyer, argued her case to win in favor of a woman's right to choose an abortion.

Debate team positive on new year

With a stern and solemn face, senior Stefan Chacón approaches the podium from where he is to deliver his argument. He and debate teammate senior Sean Krispinsky, have prepared their speaking points for the past 15 minutes, but Chacón still feels somewhat apprehensive at getting up to speak, delaying for a few precious moments to discuss some last minute additions to his speech.

ASF sponsors debate on marriage proposition

Speaking to a crowd of more than 130 students, the University of La Verne debate team and two outside speakers discussed only 14 words.

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