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Women’s self defense class takes holistic approach

The Chozen Martial Arts Academy in La Verne hosted class two of four for women’s self defense designed for women 13 years old and older on Saturday. 

Karate’s lessons inform her classes

Ann Hills, associate professor of Spanish and chairwoman of modern languages, has a kind demeanor – but rest assured you will want to stay on this third-degree black belt’s good side.

Karate champion strikes humbly

As a fraternity brother, a sophomore broadcast journalism major and a world champion karate master, Shahin Jahanvash uses the discipline he learns in karate to excel in every aspect of his life and to teach others.

Jahanvash: Sensei of curriculum

Ava Jahanvash, a senior at the University of La Verne, wears a black belt in her dad’s karate studio, but her black belt level of expertise does not stop there. Jahanvash puts the same hard work and dedication into every aspect of her life.

Karate and pilates kick campus into shape

Ty Aponte conducts the workshop on April 30 titled, “Mind and Body” a multicultural event involving karate and pilates.

Karate greats gather at Pomona Fairplex

Chuck Norris, world renowned martial arts expert, attended the North American Sports Karate 5A World Tour International Championship held at the Fariplex.

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