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Photography class boosts creativity

Most students would jump at the opportunity to attend a self-governed class where the teacher was the facilitator and the student was the sabio catedrático, the wise professor. With elementary photography as a prerequisite, the special projects class offered through the Photography Department invites students who have an interest in photography to explore and decide for themselves which angle they would like to take in the photography world.

‘Nine’ exhibits senior art projects

Making its grand opening in the Harris Art Galley, the Senior Art Exhibit, "Nine," begins tonight at 7 p.m.

Harris hosts first student exhibit

The Harris Art Gallery opened the annual student art exhibit on April 29, showing the collected works of University of La Verne students taking classes in the Art Department.

Silly chairs sit well with sculptor Koon

Wearing paint-stained overalls, hiking boots and a ULV sweatshirt, senior art major Kathryn Koon describes the philosophy behind her senior show and the focus of her art work.

Art Dept. finds new home in old warehouse

New locations on campus have central services and the Art Department making adjustments this semester.

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