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Iota Delta builds new Internet website

Iota Delta, a local independent sorority that can only be found at the University of La Verne, is making strides to become recognized. On Sept.12, the women of Iota Delta premiered a website to make students and faculty aware of what their sorority has to offer.

Oaks construction begins

Construction of the newest Oaks residential building is proceeding as planned in order to meet the deadline of opening the new residence hall pod by the end of the January Interterm.

Orientation unites ULV community

Beginning on Aug. 24 and continuing through Sept. 4, Student Orientation welcomed University of La Verne's newest class of 425 students with a week full of academic and social activities.

Orientation finds leaders, new, old

Few students at the University of La Verne have yet to notice a group of go-lucky undergrads jumping around Sneaky Park once a month.

Qualifiers prosper in National meet

The women's 200-meter freestyle relay team brought home the University of La Verne's first ever All-American honors from the national swim meet in Atlanta, Ga.

Swimmers tread to 1st Nationals

Emory University is hosting the 2000 Division III National Swimming and Diving Championships, and for the first time ever, the University of La Verne will send swimmers to compete at the event.

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