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Mental Health Matters: Disorders to Think About: Students hesitate to seek treatment

Five years ago 17-year-old Katie Madden sat with her parents and told them she needed to talk to them about a serious matter. Her parents were concerned and anxiously stared at her, waiting for her to begin speaking.

ULV journalists win major regional awards

Eight University of La Verne communications students and recent alumnae were recognized as winners and finalists in the Society of Professional Journalists 2014 Mark of Excellence Awards Saturday at the Region 11 spring conference in San Francisco.

Herbal oils act as holistic remedies

Katie Madden, ULV alumna, suffered from chronic migraines and for years took medication to help the pain. Recently she tried something different, she dabbed peppermint oil on her temple, forehead and the back of her neck, an instant cooling helped to immediately alleviate stress and tension.

New trio heading LV media outlets

The communications department is once again in good hands with new leaders that are passionate about their media outlets and their ability to reach out to the University of La Verne community.

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