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Lecture recalls dark history of Japanese American internment camps

Marcus’s talk for the weekly faculty lecture series held via Zoom, was a part of a larger research project on World War II concentration camps and the memorialization of those camps.

Professor discusses political factions

Associate Professor of Political Science Juli Minoves-Triquell emphasized the importance of distinct political parties in a democracy during his  lecture, “Politics in Small States,”  held live via Webex on Tuesday.

Letters to the Editor

The presentations made by the administration of the University of La Verne on November 20, 2019, and the answers provided by the Provost to questions posed by the FAHC, reveal an alarming and unnecessary plan to abolish tenure as part of the creation of a Cal Bar-accredited program of legal education as the successor to the discontinued ABA-accredited program.

Exhibit details Japanese internment

“Architecture of Internment: The Build Up to Wartime Incarceration, Oregon, 1941-1943” visually captures the decision of Oregonians to incarcerate Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants in the 1940s during World War II. 

Teaching history with art

University of La Verne Professor of History Kenneth Marcus presents his research on the effectiveness of using art in history classes Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Liu discusses two math concepts

Students and faculty gathered at noon Tuesday in the President’s Dining Room as Xiaoyan Liu, professor of mathematics, spoke about her most recent publications on her research of approximation theory.

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