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Street racing speeds through Pomona Fairplex

“Operation Street Legal” is a program that has recently been started by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) to get those who are illegally racing off city streets.

Student injured

On Friday morning, Oct. 21, at approximately 12:30, two ULV students, sophomores Tamara Lien and Mike Whipple, were struck by a car at the intersection of “D” and Third Streets. The driver of the car was senior Eugene Kim.

Parking violators face ticketing

The lack of parking at La Verne has drawn some audible whines and complaints from students this semester. And none too few have also been given tickets issued consistently by the La Verne Police Department, as well.

Security improvements seen around campus

Within the last two years, Security has improved in noticeable ways to continue their efforts in crime prevention.

Mentor Program benefits students, children

The La Verne Mentor Program provides more than just a role model for children, it also provides friends along with many opportunities the child may not already have.

Parking squeeze hits ULV

Parking at the University of La Verne has again been brought to question as some students fear that the current con­struction of the new library may block spaces on the corner of C and Second street, as well as those in the Wilson Library parking lot.

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