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Memories leave lasting impression

It is hard to believe that I am graduating college in just nine days from today.

Letters to the Editor

An infamous speaker was coming to speak and enlighten the congregation about the topics that had permeated his life. I walked into the auditorium as the speech was starting and decided to walk back out because of the topic being discussed at the time. I will boycott this speech. I am exhausted of hearing the antiracist plight of Black Americans in modern America. The Civil Rights movements have accomplished their goals and it is time to existentially move forward.

Viagra offers excitement, danger

A new sex craze has hit the country. Viagra, the new pill that conquers impotence, is everywhere and almost everyone is talking about it.

Athletes working is right step

Although the new ruling from the NCAA does not pertain to me, nor to athletes at the University of La Verne or other Division III schools, I can still relate and am happy with the new decision.

Process keeps students in dark

My roommate received a memorandum from the Registrar's Office on March 20 stating, "As of today, you have not contacted me as to verify your status for participating in the 1998 Commencement Ceremony. You are not cleared to participate at this time. If you plan on walking this May, you need to see me immediately to see what we can do about clearing you."

Letters to the Editor

In your March 27, 1998, edition of the Campus Times, Angelica Martinez wrote an article entitled "Variety Show Reveals Hidden Talents." I was surprised to find out that the Black National Anthem had been changed from "Lift Every Voice" to "We Shall Overcome."

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