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Powell’s struggles explored in new play

A powerful position can have its pitfalls, which Colin Powell learned as the first African American to serve as Secretary of State. This was the story told in the play “The Agony of Colin Powell,” starring Lavelle Wilson, Friday and Saturday in Dailey Theatre.


Campus and community arts events for the week of April 20, 2012.

LV alumnus hits the music scene

Upon entering ULV many students have set agendas and majors. Through the course of college many find new inspirations, talents and loves for other areas of study. LaVelle Wilson and Cliff Edwards discovered their love for music.

Play portrays the struggles of ‘youth’

Beginning last Thursday "This is Our Youth" erupted from the wings of Dailey Theater's Main Stage.

African American workshop reveals history

What do you get when you combine a supportive theater department, passionate students and a rich culture? Diversity.

AASA’s variety show hits sour note with crowd

The University of La Verne African American Student Alliance (AASA) presented a variety show in Founders Auditorium on Friday, May 11.

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