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Clocksin clocks in to new job as interim dean

With the departure of College and Arts and Sciences Dean Lawrence Potter in January, Brian Clocksin, professor of kinesiology who previously served as the associate dean, took the helm as interim dean last month.

Students report microaggressions

In a crowd of around 50 and a panel of at least a dozen administrators, 20 or more University of La Verne students raised their hands when asked if they had experienced microaggressions on campus.

Finkel paints vivid picture of PTSD

David Finkel spent several months in Baghdad covering the Iraq War, and even longer following some of the soldiers as they returned home and struggled with re-entry into civilian life after the trauma they experienced in combat.

Sewage backup closes theater

Faculty and students were allowed back into Dailey Theatre Wednesday after two sewage backups prompted evacuation, carpet replacement and air quality assessments over the past month.

New organization to fund black student clubs

Oshun is a goddess of the Yoruba people in southwestern Nigeria; she is the goddess of love, fertility and protection. She stands for opportunity, spirit, harmony, unity and negotiation.

Segregated funds won’t solve problem

On April 17, junior speech communications major Tyler Anderson and another black student proposed Oshun, a separate funding hub for black focused clubs on campus, to Loretta Rahmani, chief student affairs officer, Lawrence Potter, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Richard Rose, professor of religion and philosophy, President Devorah Lieberman, Provost Jonathan Reed and Beatriz Gonzales, chief diversity officer. Anderson announced the plan to some students at a Black Student Union meeting May 7.

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