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Leo Hoops swishes back in action

La Verne’s basketball club, Leo Hoops, is gearing up and getting ready for another year of fun, competitive basketball. Tryouts for the team were successful this week, as many freshmen came out and brought new talent to the team.

Leo Hoops splits team in final game

The Leo Hoops League hosted its last game of the year, an intrasquad game with the team split into black and white squads.

Hoops League swishes into action

The Leo Hoops League dribbled into action for the first time Nov. 21 in a tournament held by Cal State Northridge.

Hoops League ballin’ its way toward LV

Starting in February 2015, Leo Hoops League will come to the University of La Verne as a semester long basketball league for any undergraduate students and faculty members to participate in.

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