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Homosexuality tests friendship

In today’s society, it takes courage to be an individual. Whether it is a matter of standing up for a cause or disclosing a personal preference, it takes a certain amount of valor to speak one’s mind.

AIDS Walk LA draws participation

To some people donating money is one way to show support for a worthy cause, but to 22,000 good samaritans and approximately 35 University of La Verne students and faculty, walking 10 kilometers last Sunday in the 11th annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles was their way of showing support for those suffering from the disease and aiding in continued research.

Union supports diverse lifestyles

More than 20 students crowded the Minority Resource Center for the first meeting of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student Union (GLBSU) on Thursday, April 27.

Homosexual policy backfires

Is it more helpful to an individual to know or not know that the person in the next shower is homosexual?

Memos make for idle threats

Standing in line at Woody Hall, an echoing of complaints fills the tiny reception area.

Threats on the superhighway

Imagine logging onto the Internet and finding threatening e-mail from someone you do not even know. How safe would you feel if you kept getting these threats day after day because someone does not approve of what you do or how you act?

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