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Letters to the Editor

As the departing president of the Associated Students Forum, I would like to thank you for this week's article in your opinion section.

Leopards leave Royals little Hope

The University of La Verne men’s volleyball team swept Hope International University, 3-0 (30-23, 30-17, 30-28), to wrap up its season home schedule Tuesday night in the Supertents.

Fitness regimen strengthens mind and body

It's mid-October and throughout the University of La Verne, students are juggling their studies and work. Some, however, know that a key part in balancing a hectic school and work schedule requires a form of physical fitness.

Leos third in nation

Expectations soared April 9 as the University of La Verne men's volleyball team loaded its two buses with a sense of excitement hardly dampened by 5 a.m. weariness.

Letters to the Editor

Sometimes I look at people at our school and wonder what they are thinking. One of these people is whoever thought it was a good idea to raise the activity fee for housing to $40 compared to what it's been the last three years - $20. That's inflation of 100 percent.

‘Salad Man’ feeds students’ needs

His bright smile, and "How are you today?" brighten the day of many weary University of La Verne faculty and students.

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