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Local coffee house steams up with changes

With a new owner, Elizabeth Han, and a new banner hanging in the front, the café from the La Verne of yore has made some positive changes.

‘Boba’ drinks blow up to become newest trend

In most large cities like Pasadena and Los Angeles, Asian oriented shops can be seen competing alongside the kings of coffee houses. But unlike Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the people choose to wait in long lines for something other than aromatic coffee blends. Known as "bubble tea" or "boba" to its Taiwanese creators, this odd looking concoction is served in a drink flavor of your choice, and is sipped and chewed simultaneously from a straw hole three-quarters of an inch wide.

Cart routes altered to avoid downtown

All University of La Verne employees who operate carts must alter their routes to stay out of downtown La Verne, under the instruction of the La Verne Police Department.

La Verne offers weekend fun

So many things to do, to see, to try, but so little time. Students are probably wondering what is there to do, at such a small school and community. Although the University of La Verne is not surrounded by franchises, it is fortunate to have small, Mom and Pop businesses and restaurants that have a sociable ambiance.

Love fest promotes diversity

Black Liquid Love Fest, a night of poetry and spoken word in celebration of African American History month was held Feb 24 at Lordsburg Coffee Roasters in La Verne.

History Month ends with ‘Lyrics of Blackness’

All things must end sooner or later. But sometimes the end is just a new beginning and some things come full circle one day.

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