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MORE Act would decriminalize marijuana nationwide

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement, or MORE, act, which was approved by Congress and awaiting a Senate hearing, would decriminalize marijuana use, manufacturing and distribution and possession at the federal level.

Lising considers the power of spin

Ian Lising, associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, reflected on the societal effects of spin doctoring as per his book published this year, “The Spin Doctrine: Communicating Belief, Truth and Fact,” during a talk Tuesday before students and faculty in the Howell Board Room. 

Bill to boost legal cannnabis market

A bill introduced at the end of January could give legal cannabis businesses a temporary tax reduction to help the legal industry combat its illegal counterparts. 

Justice for marijuana offenders

Cynthia Nixon has made legalizing marijuana her priority in her campaign for governor of New York. Along with the legalization of pot, Nixon wants to see reparations for those who have already been charged with crimes involving marijuana. Nixon believes this would be a step in the right direction for the criminal justice system and racial inequality. Finally, someone plans to act on the disparity in arrests among marijuana users.

New state laws set to take effect

Twelve propositions that passed on California’s ballot for 2016 included legislation on education, plastic bags, marijuana, tobacco, criminal justice and taxation.

Marijuana legalization sparks conversation

Matthew Schaupp, senior speech communication major, discusses the issue of legalizing marijuana while senior philosophy major Meaghan McHenry, freshman political science major Fares Abdullah and Director of Forensics Rob Ruiz await their turns to give their Constitution Day speeches Sept. 16 in the Johnson Family Plaza.

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