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Make an informed decision

For the upcoming election on Tuesday the Campus Times editorial board has some recommendations on a few ballot measures.

Commentary: Proposition 19 has major flaws

The smell of marijuana is in the air, or at least the proposal of it, due to hit voter ballots next week. Whether or not the law passes, proponents and opponents are agreeing on one thing: the bill is flawed.

Cannabis could grow funds for state

Legalizing marijuana. Some say it’s a bad idea, Many say it’s a great idea. But now that the issue has been transformed into an official proposal to be placed on California ballot in November, people on both sides are likely to make their voices heard loud and clear in the months ahead until the big day.

Legalize ‘natural’ resources

For me, the benefit of legalizing marijuana is the abolition of the taboo. For years as a kid I was always exposed to the idea that drugs are evil and would turn your friends into drop outs who will amount to nothing.

Marijuana reformers seek help from Greeks

Nearly all drug arrests are a result of marijuana, and 88 percent are for marijuana possession. Because of this, the Marijuana Policy Project seeks help from fraternities and sororities to prevent marijuana use on college campuses.

Doctors, consider marijuana

Cannabis. Pot. Weed. Joint. Mary Jane. Blunt. Chronic. However you say it, marijuana has become one of America's darkest past times. It can ruin a politician's career, or make an otherwise dorky teenager feel cool. It can give you the munchies, while at the same time make your head spin with paranoia.

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