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Medical use of marijuana is positive step

By now, most people must be tired of hearing about all of the propositions on this year's ballot, but there is still one that needs some recognition.

15 Props top state ballot

California has 15 propositions on its Nov. 5 ballot. The issues range from campaign spending and affirmative action to the state's minimum wage and the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Below is each proposition and its definition.

Read the fine print on drug life

Back in the day, our grandparents swallowed goldfish, sat on flagpoles or squeezed into telephone booths to have a good time and become members of the "in crowd." Then times picked up a bit and when our parents came around, they began to go to Beatles concerts, peace marches and disco bars, all because that was the thing to do. And out of that "free love" era we were inevitably hatched.

Letter to the Editor

The author of “Ineffective Legislation” talked about the stiff sentences against marijuana, which is a much milder drug than alcohol. He asked, “Why have we reenacted such ineffective legislation which punishes people more harshly for selling marijuana than for killing with a gun?” The answer to his question lies in the legalization of the drug. About 40 million Americans smoke marijuana occasionally. Why not legalize it?

Ineffective legislation

Two years ago, Mark Young was sentenced by Judge Sarah Evans Barker to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. He is not a murderer, rapist or even child molester. Those crimes might have justified such a sentence.

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