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Librarian leaves concrete impact

Dr. Marlin Heckman, former head librarian and professor emeritus at the University, died of a heart attack after swimming on Sept. 22. He was 79.

Presentation highlights La Verne’s past

Professor and Librarian Emeritus Marlin Heckman gives a detailed timeline of how Lordsburg Hotel transitioned to University of La Verne at “The Lordsburg Hotel: Its Rise and Demise,” a presentation sponsored by the La Verne Historical Society.

Time lessens ULV’s ties to Church of Brethren

Although the University of La Verne was originally founded by members of the Church of the Brethren, it seems that today, these ties to the church have gradually dissipated.

Wires cause Hanawalt House fire

Tom Anderson Arts Editor University of La Verne students and staff returning for the new year received an unpleasant surprise when they found out the historic...

Green giants improve quality of life

You see them everywhere, those sometimes ancient, sometimes young giants of nature, the trees of La Verne.

Hillcrest adds needed expansions

Marlin Heckman, a resident at Hillcrest Homes in La Verne, showed great enthusiasm for the expansion plan at the continuing care facility.

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