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He said, she said

In an effort to dispel the myths about the opposite sex, I have asked junior Scott Mac Kay, Campus Times staff writer, to discuss with me some of the issues that cause the greatest misunderstandings in male-female relationships.

Flier disregards student rights

Regardless of whether freshmen Eric Britton and David Riffle are guilty of gay bashing following an altercation with junior Jamie Bigornia on March 29, the anonymous fliers distributed to student mailboxes last Thursday were not only uncalled for, but an action that has converted this incident from a possible learning experience to an occurrence that has caused many to choose a side.

Is this what you really want?

So you picked up a copy of last week's Campus Times and glanced at the front page picture of three fellow collegians squinting into the sun. You then proceeded to peruse the rest of the newspaper. I wonder how many of you joined me in reading the accompanying article and cringed at the thought of having the three most important student-elected offices filled by candidates who lacked competition and the opinion of four-fifths of the student body.

Religion in need of change

I did not go to church on Sunday. Now, for some this may seem like no big deal, but for me, it is.

Playground paradise

There is one place where the greatest life lessons thrive—the playground. It is here that the concepts to a peaceful society are abundant, threaded with the respect necessary to keep the environment peaceful and fun for everyone.

Project unveils victims’ pain

Perhaps it is the fact that many of these incidents go unreported, but as one can see in the quad today, violence can no longer be ignored. A clothesline, sponsored by Iota Delta Sorority, displays an array of t-shirts in a variety of colors and with many different messages, each dedicated to a victim of violent criminal abuse.

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